Ignite Elite Performance Team Plus

IEPT+ is a new pilot program from Ignite Theatre Company. This mid-season group is designed to mentor those that Ignite’s executive team has identified with potential for leadership opportunities on and off stage. During this time, we will have scheduled one-on-one meetings to make sure performers are prepared with audition training, headshots, inclusion in the Ignite Spiritwear photoshoot, Ignite promotional materials, and they are among the first performers we contact for media appearances and special engagements concluding with Spring Showcase: New Broadway in March 2020. 

This team will not have weekly Monday rehearsals, rather we will schedule performance-specific rehearsals. In addition, we will meet separately to create a book for each performer so they have material they feel confident performing at a moment’s notice. We may also meet to review some holiday selections for possible use over the holiday season, but dates will be based on performer availability. 

The time commitment and financial commitment from families in IEPT+ is substantially lower than that of a traditional performance team season. Our hope is those who chose to participate in IEPT+ intend to return for the summer season and serve as leaders, helping to mentor new performers, choose material, and cultivate a culture specific to the team. Don’t worry, there’s no travel this summer! As always, there are scholarships options and payment plans available. This program is open to performers in 5th grade and above.

Cost for this program: $200 

  • Includes curated audition and performance binder with material chosen specifically for performers

  • One-on-one training with Ignite staff

  • Early access to Ignite masterclasses (coming soon) 

  • Mini-headshot session (can be upgraded to full headshots with hair and makeup for an additional cost)

  • Inclusion in 2019 Spiritwear photo shoot 

  • Inclusion in 2020 Spring Showcase- Modern Broadway themed. 

  • Inclusion in 2020 All Ages Show reveal 


We will book some performances well in advance. Others may arise on the fly. The dates listed below are mandatory for IEPT+.  Dates that may pop up will not be mandatory, but attendance is encouraged. Great theatre requires great effort and discipline, but don’t worry, we intend to inject great fun and friendship into the process, too!

Mandatory Dates 

  • Oct. 20th 11am - 2 pm IEPT+ Photoshoot

  • Nov. 10th 11am - 2 pm Spirit Wear

  • Nov. 23rd 2:30pm-4pm Rehearsal 

  • Nov. 30th Tree Lighting 

  • December 2nd & 9th- 6pm-730pm Cardinals Cares Rehearsals

  • December 12th 3pm - 6pm Cardinals Cares 

  • Feb 24th & March 2nd 6 - 7:30 pm Spring Showcase Rehearsal 

  • March 6th & 7th Spring Showcase “New Broadway” Dress/show

Performer's Name *
Performer's Name

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