Music Director Wizard of Oz

Job Summary

Responsible for Developing, coordinate, and supervise Ignite music programs such as Main stage shows, summer camps etc. Oversee pit, cast. Recruits, trains, and rehearses members of the cast/pit and oversees productions. Unlike MD positions elsewhere support staff at Ignite are responsible for mentor relationships with students in addition to the successful running of day to day rehearsals

Primary responsibilities

  • Preside as main director over musical programs and oversee production.

  • Devise budgets and plan communications as it relates to music.

  • Audition and help cast performers in shows.

  • Direct band members at rehearsals.

  • Help soloists rehearse.

  • Aid in planning and schedule rehearsals.

  • Arrange for the delivery and setup of interments.

  • Expand and enhance the musical ability of the cast.

  • Contribute to the overall success of the performance.

Ignite STAGE MANAGER for Wizard of OZ

The Ignite Stage Manager (SM) is key to creating an efficient and positive a production. Ability to successfully lead and work with the company, will be of utmost importance. The SM overall purpose will be to work directly with the director, cast and production team to move a show from inception to closing. “Aside from the obvious technical aspects of the positions, in many cases you will be involved in that call on human relations skills and diplomacy.”

You may be a perfect fit of you are:

  • Someone who is organized.

  • Someone who knows how to solve problems.

  • Someone who has a basic understanding of all the technical demands of a production: lights, sound, props, set changes, make-up changes, and special effects.

  • Someone with a firm, kind, polite, respectful, and calm manner who can encourage and lead a large number of people to achieve a high standard of backstage discipline.

  • Someone with stamina and a sense of humor.

  • Someone who can pass a background check

  • Someone with reliable transportation

These are paid positions