Our Mission

Developing great people first and great performers second through a unique blend of community service opportunities, traditional performing arts education, and inclusion of performers from all walks of life.

These directors gave my child a chance. I’m sure there were other kids more talented, more confident, more trained, more ready for this show, but you gave her a chance, and I can never thank you enough. … I cried though each finale seeing my baby up there shining … radiating happiness. Not to be overly dramatic, but I truly believe you have changed the course of who [my daughter] will be.”

— Kathy Paul, Ignite Parent
The cast was so friendly and approachable during the pre-show meet and greet. My kids sometimes struggle with fantasy versus reality so it was amazing for them to get to talk to the performers in costume. As a parent of special needs children, it was wonderful to attend a performance and not be worried that extra movements or noises would disturb other audience members. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this opportunity! We look forward to seeing Ignite Theatre again
— Sensory Friendly Audience Member
Ignite created my child’s favorite place to be. A place where she feels she belongs and leaves feeling great about herself. I am so grateful for this program an the staff who make it possible
— Ignite Parent
We love [Ignite], there is truly no other youth group like Ignite. You directors model the “K” in kindness for these kids. You can try and teach things to kids all you want - but when you model it they really learn it. The directors are amazing role models. So happy to have Ignite in our lives.
— Ignite Parent
“As parents we want our children to become the best part of themselves. We want them to be pushed outside their comfort zone, challenged to become better, and taught how to reach their potential, and that’s exactly what Ignite Theatre Company does. Libby, Kimberly and Christy provide the environment, support, and encouragement for our children to succeed and grow in order to reach their fullest potential as a person and as a performer. This is my child’s first full year being involved with Ignite and her confidence within herself and as a performer has grown tenfold. As a parent who wants nothing but the best for their child, I couldn’t ask for more. My family and I are honored to be apart of Ignite Theatre Company.”
— Heather Welch, Ignite Parent
It is truly magical to watch your child find “their thing”. Ignite created that place for my child and helped him find his thing. I am forever grateful for this organization
— Ignite parent